1. Terms of Service
The following terms of service apply to the use of the 911MYWEB.com website. By accessing this website and requesting any information or service, you are accepting these terms and conditions.

2. Copyright Notice
Copyright © 2006-2010 911MYWEB.com. All rights reserved. It is forbidden to copy and distribute any data and related images from this World Wide Web Server without the prior written consent of 911MYWEB.com.

All data and images published by 911MYWEB.com. This server may contain other proprietary notices or describe products, services, processes, or technologies owned by 911MYWEB.com or third parties.  Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting to the user a license under any copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property rights of 911MYWEB.com or any third party.

3. Trademarks
The 911MYWEB.com name, logo, and all related products and service names, design marks, and slogans are trademarks, service marks, or registered trademarks of 911MYWEB.com and may not be used in any manner without the prior written consent of 911MYWEB.com. All other products and service marks are trademarks of their respective owners.

4. Monitoring Disclosure
911MYWEB.com is under no obligation to monitor the information residing on or transmitted to this server. However, anyone using this server agrees that 911MYWEB.com may monitor the server contents periodically to (1) comply with any necessary laws, regulations, or other governmental requests; (2) to operate the server properly or to protect itself and its users; 3) to improve the quality of services and access. 911MYWEB.com reserves the right to modify, reject, or eliminate any information residing on or transmitted to its server that it, in its sole discretion, believes is unacceptable or in violation of these terms and conditions.

5. Access
Client hereby agrees that, unless he or she has written permission from 911MYWEB.com, client will at all times abide by the following provisions. (1) You will not access the website by any means other than through the interface that is provided by 911MYWEB.com. (2) You will not use any automated processes, systems, or applications, including without limitation, spiders, robots, web crawlers, data miners, or offline readers to (a) access the website in a manner that sends more requests or transactions to the website in a specified period of time than a human can reasonably generate manually in such a period using a traditional web browser or (b) obtain information or content from the website. You further agree that you will not engage in any activity that interferes with or disrupts the website (or the servers and networks associated with or connected to the website) or otherwise cause harm to 911MYWEB.com Systems, networks, or customers.

6. Privacy
911MYWEB.com takes the privacy of its clients, customers, visitors, and global users seriously, and provides the best and most up to date privacy practices. To read our Privacy Policy, please Click support@911MYWEB.com 
Is required by law to comply with the address in some TDLS.  For example, .US must be United States of America.
e) Accuracy
Keeping the address valid and up-to-date is the sole responsibility of the user in order to comply with laws and regulations of the domain registrar.

10. Completion Date
911MYWEB.com and the client must work together to complete the web design project in a timely manner.  911MYWEB.com agrees to work expeditiously to complete the web design project no later than 30 days after the client has submitted all necessary materials. If the client does not supply to 911MYWEB.com with the complete text and graphic content for the web design project within 60 days of the date this agreement was signed, the entire project will be suspended and the client will be required to provide all the information prior to continuing steps to complete the process.  The project will be subject to reschedule, and 911MYWEB.com will not provide an estimated time of completion.  If the client still has not submitted all the required contents within 90 days after signing this agreement, an additional continuation fee of $39.99 will be required to reschedule the project. The continuation fee will cover the additional time required to organize and reschedule the project.

11. License Grant
Every client that requests a 911MYWEB.com design and development service will be required to comply with the following terms:
a) Host the site only in 911MYWEB.com servers
b) Pay yearly maintenance fee.

In addition to the service, every client has the right to:
a) Pay for the removal of the “Powered By” sign
b) Option to purchase the ownership of the website content
11.2) Ownership
If the client is paying for full ownership of the web site development, the client will receive the HTML source code and graphics.  The client has the option to be hosted with 911MYWEB.com or any other hosting provider.
If the client decides to be hosted by another service provider, 911MYWEB.com retains all intellectual property rights associated with the website, including creator rights and any rights associated with the “powered by” sign.

12. Removal of the “Powered by” sign
911MYWEB.com will implement the “Powered BY 911MYWEB.com” link in the footer area of every website, CMS, and Ecommerce graphic art.
The client has the option, subject to approval by the management of 911MYWEB.com, to remove the link.  Removal is subject to a fee.  Client is required to notify 911MYWEB.com at contact@911MYWEB.com if they want to remove the “Powered By” sign.
Removal of the “Powered By” sign does not mean agreeing to the release of any rights associated with the “Powered By” sign or conceding to any copyrights associated with the “Powered By” sign.

13. Portfolio
All clients that order service agree and allow 911MYWEB.com to add to it’s portfolio a screenshot of the work provided and allow 911MYWEB.com to distribute and display the art during and after service is provided or completed.

14. Cancellation of Contract
All services at 911MYWEB.com are prepaid and can be canceled at any time without any penalty or fee, except for the immediate cancellation of a service.  This will require an immediate cancellation fee of USD $19.99.  The cancellation of service must be requested to support@911MYWEB.com.

15. Changes and Modifications to projects
All services by 911MYWEB.com come with standard modification to projects that are in a process and even after the projects have been done.  The number of changes varies from project to project, but the standard number of changes 911MYWEB.com will provide to clients per subject is two (2).

16. Account Security
Client assumes all responsibility in the way he manages the Login information of his email and 911MYWEB.com account, 911MYWEB.com will do its best to provide the highest and most up to date level of security to protect the client’s account.

17. Trademarks and Copyrighted Material
Client agrees that using, approving, or distributing copyrighted material may result in account suspension, if complain is filed.

911MYWEB.com will do its best to provide fast and reliable technical support.  For this reason, we encourage and require a client to send all support requests to support@911MYWEB.com Support time response may vary from time to time, and 911MYWEB.com cannot ensure or provide the estimated time available (ETA) of a service or solution to the issue may arrive.

19. Licenses and Intellectual Property
All services provided by 911MYWEB.com, including limited intellectual property rights, belong to 911MYWEB.com and other third party providers.  911MYWEB.com does not sell or license any third party rights when it is providing any of its services.  911MYWEB.com gives only exclusive rights to be used according to the terms and conditions of this notice.

User agrees that 911MYWEB.com has the right to deny services to any person business or organization, with or without a reason.

21. Project Copyright
Client agrees that all materials used in the development of their site may contain copyrights that do not belong to 911MYWEB.com.  The client agrees that this material will be treated according to the Copyright Laws of the United States.  In the event of a Copyright Claim against 911MYWEB.com, the client promises to indemnify 911MYWEB.com for any misuse and infringement of any copyrights depicted on their sites.  911MYWEB.com does not assume any liability for third party or client infringement.

22. Coming Soon Page
All clients that order a service from 911MYWEB.com, and such service is in relation to a domain and hosting, agree that 911MYWEB.com will load an automatic page with the 911MYWEB.com logo and advertisements related to 911MYWEB.com services

23. Proof reading-Copyediting
This service ensures that the text is reader-friendly, interesting and/.or motivating and free of errors in grammar, punctuation, spelling.

24. Rewriting of Text
This service is available for text that requires more remedial effort than that provided by conventional proofreading-copyediting. Typically, any text that requires the rewriting service is difficult to read and/or understand.

25. Text Creation
This uses the services of a professional, 911MYWEB.com copywriter to create your text according to your recommendations and the needs of your business category.

26. SEO Text Creation
Like the Text Creation above, this service benefits from the use of a professional, 911MYWEB.com copywriter to create your text according to your recommendations and the needs of your business category. However, following accepted SEO optimization principles, the copywriter will also include appropriate keywords in the text to improve your website’s search rankings and to increase the traffic to your site..

Translations Services English – Spanish
This service is available for clients who need a professional translation service that can express your message in the second language without any loss in meaning, or change of cultural accent (e.g., slang) or errors in spelling, grammar.

27. Proof reading service
a) Price
The price for the proof reading-copyediting service is volume-related. It is based on the amount of text to be proofread-copyedited.
b) Subject to approval
Any text submitted for the proof reading-copyediting service is subject to approval by the 911MYWEB.com copywriter who will review the text submitted and decide whether the text qualifies for the proof reading-copyediting service or will require so much effort that it will need the rewriting service. Should the rewriting service be required, no proofreading-copyediting will be undertaken. Instead, you will be advised and given an opportunity to accept or decline the rewriting service.

28. Server / Resource / Staff Abuse
Client agrees to use the services provided in a wise and standard manner, and not to abuse the services and recourses provided.  In the event of a customer service issue, please contact billing@911MYWEB.com to ensure that 911MYWEB.com will be able to provide you with the result you should deserve and that complies with the 911MYWEB.com satisfaction guarantee.

29. Security and Viruses
Client agrees to protect the user name and password of his/her 911MYWEB.com account and assumes all responsibility in the event of a security breach.  In the event of a security breach or virus that requires immediate assistance, please contact customer service for the safety of your account.

30. Cancellations & Refunds
All cancellations and refunds are subject to the terms herein stated.  To cancel a service or request a refund, the client is required to send an email to billing@911MYWEB.com.  Included in the email must be the name and business name domain.  A representative from 911MYWEB.com will contact the client to confirm the client’s request for cancellation or refund.  The cancellation process will take 24 to 72 hours.  Refunds will take ten (10) Business Days.

31. Money Back Guarantee
All clients qualify for the 30-day money back guarantee for all services provided.  The sole exceptions are the domain registration fee and fee to transfer the EPP code.

32. Size limitations
Client agrees and understands that the maximum size of a single MS SQL database will not exceed 400 MB, irrespective of the web space allocated to the hosting account, and that the size of each mailbox will be limited to 500 MB on all 911MYWEB.com’s Windows, Linux Shared, and Reseller hosting services.

33. Banned Content
Clients must use the services provided only for lawful and authorized.  Transmission, storage, or presentation of any information, data, or material in violation of any United States of America law is prohibited.

34. Modification of Terms of Service
reserves the right to modify terms and conditions at any time and in any way, and clients will be notified via email of such modification.

35. Termination
has the right to terminate the service with or without any reason at any time.

36. Effect of Termination
Upon termination or expiration of the client’s account, for whatever reason, client shall pay immediately all sums outstanding pending to 911MYWEB.com within fourteen (14) working days to prevent feature charges, penalties, and collection agency actions.

37. Collection and Debts
The client understands and consents that leaving an outstanding balance will result in an additional penalty fee of $29.99 and a 5% monthly fee for any money owed, and for all costs associated with collection action should the client fail to pay any outstanding balances.

38. Indemnity
The client agrees that it shall defend, indemnify, and save and hold 911MYWEB.com harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable legal fees asserted against 911MYWEB.com, its agents, customers, officers, and employees that may arise or result from any acts or omissions of the client, its agents, employees, or assigns in connection with their use of the services.

39. Commercial Advertising- Email (SPAM)/UNSOLICITED COMMERCIAL EMAIL (UCE)

  1. The client agrees to and understands that spamming, sending unsolicited emails from our servers, or using email addresses that are maintained by us is STRICTLY prohibited and will qualify his/her account for immediate deactivation with no refund.  911MYWEB.com is the sole arbiter as to what constitutes a violation of this clause.
  2. Client understands that 911MYWEB.com has set a limit of 200 outgoing emails per hour on shared and reseller hosting, 500 outgoing emails per hour on VPS Hosting, 1000 outgoing emails per hour on Semi Dedicated Hosting, and 3600 outgoing emails per hour on Dedicated Hosting for the purpose of avoiding email spamming from our servers.  Customers cannot send more than the specified number of emails in an hour, irrespective of the size of their mailing lists.

40. Bandwidth
If the client’s account exceeds the bandwidth limit, client will be notified.  If the client does not want to purchase extra bandwidth or upgrade his/her account and continue to exceed the limit, the Account will be suspended until the client demonstrates to 911MYWEB.com that he/she has taken measures to ensure that the limit will not be exceeded again, or the client upgrades his/her account, whichever is earlier.  The Account will be reactivated in the month following suspension or as soon as the account has been upgraded.

41. Back up

  1. 911MYWEB.com will use reasonable efforts to protect and back up data for clients on a regular basis.  However, 911MYWEB.com does not guarantee the existence, accuracy, or regularity of its backup services. Therefore, the client is solely responsible for making back-up files in connection with his/her use of the services.
  2. The client agrees to and understands that any back-up that 911MYWEB.com may carry out will not include any media files.  These include (but are not limited to) mp3, mpeg, wmv, or any other video/audio files.

42. Adult Content

  1. 911MYWEB.com does not provide services for adult content material at the present time.
  2. Hosting adult content information is completely forbidden in any part of the services.
  3. Using the service provided to promote adult content information is forbidden.

43. Trademarks and Copyrighted Material
The client agrees that using, approving, or distributing copyrighted material may result in account suspension if a complaint is filed.

44. Law
This agreement is governed, interpreted, and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and U.S. federal laws, without specifically identifying whether the state and/or federal regulations govern the agreement.  Client agrees that all legal actions relating to this agreement must be brought in Miami Dade County Florida, and that client irrevocably consents to the jurisdiction of such courts.

45. SPAM
We have a zero tolerance for SPAM or Email List. Accounts used to send SPAM will be suspended immediately. If the SPAM sending is repeated the account will be removed from our server. We do not allow bulk mailing from our shared servers. 911MYWEB Hosting offers a separate service if you need to send bulk of e-mails. that comply with all laws and regulations for Email campaign or marketing at commercial level
Purchased mail lists, opt-in lists will be considered SPAM. 911MYWEB Hosting reserves the right to charge a clean up fee the customer who sent unsolicited e-mail that caused the IP of our server to be blacklisted for sending SPAM.

Spam and Regulation Information:
911MYWEB understand that some times client are not aware of such activity is considered Spam and how technology control and prevent user form using regular email for email marketing campaign or any other activity that involve spam or bulk email sent there is tools already design for this purposes that comply with all the laws and regulations.
If for some reason you feel that you had not used your account for this purposes them your Email account ha been compromise and is required to change the password with a long strength password to avoid Virus malware or unauthorized access form using your email