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  1. Information Regarding These HOSTING TERMS OF SERVICE AGREEMENT.

Terms: Welcome, and thank you for your interest in (“911MYWEB,” “we,” “our,” or “us”). And YOU (Your, Client, User, Visitor, agent) unless otherwise noted on a particular site or service, these Hosting Terms of Service (“ Terms, Agreement”) apply to your use of all of the websites 911MYWEB operates. These include,,,,, together with all other subdomains thereof (collectively, the “Websites”). Terms also apply to all Services, Information, and Products provided through the Websites. Phone, Email, SMS, Social media, and any electronic or personal method of communication.




Sheared Web Hosting

Managed Web Hosting

Business Class Web Hosting

WordPress Hosting

Managed Word Press Hosting

Backup Service

Restoring Service

Dedicated Support

Premium Support

Migration to or Servers



  1. Limitation

Every Service includes limitations even Services that advertise the word Unlimited may reflect the entire Resources or my include requirements that need to be met to become unlimited; it is your sole responsibility to inquire, read 911MYWEB Terms, and ask before ordering the service to ensure the service you are ordering includes your requirements Ordering any Hosting Service have the risk to reach limitations unpredictable, and 911MYWEB do not monitor or is liable to send notifications the account may reach his limitation and could potentially put the Service at risk to perform as expected is your responsibility to report increase limitations to ensure the service met your requirements.


  1. Termination

When a Hosting Account is terminated for any reason, all data hosted in your account will be deleted with no option to be restored. with or without notification, will you DELETE all content, including Website, Email. If the account is terminated, it is your responsibility to back up the information to safeguard the data at any time.

911MYWEB Reserved the right to terminate your account at any time with or without notice if 911MYWEB detects the account compromise other users’ integrity, Business, or violation of the Terms agreements policies, 911MYWEB may keep records for legal purposes it is necessary. It is not obligated to disclosure such terms. 

  1. Capacity

Every Hosting Service has a Capacity of resources that should be monitored by you 911MYWEB is not liable if your account exceeds the capacity of the plan of your service.

It is your responsibility to contact 911MYWEB to inquire and order a Service with more capacity to meet your requirements.    

  1.   Development Changes

All Web Hosting Services are limited to offer Hosting service Modifications to your website, Web application, or any request that may require Development service are considered out of the scope of Web hosting services. 

  1. HIPAA

911MYWEB DO NOT Offer, Promote or Provide HIPAA compliance Services

 You are responsible for any applicable compliance with federal or state laws governing the privacy and security of personal data, including medical or other sensitive data 911MYWEB Do not monitor or have control over the data your store in your Hosting account; neither will provide alerts

911MYWEB is not Related to HIPAA in any way neither has the expertise, experience, or knowledge to provide consulting services advice or any Service-related To HIPAA. We advise consulting at your sole discretion, a professional that specializes in HIPPA Compliance Products and services. 

  1.   Promotional Hosting

911MYWEB randomly promotes, offers services that include features that partially or entirely are for testing purposes. If you are looking for a more robust and stable service, we advise you to use no promotional services.

911MYWEB reserve the right to discontinue Service before; during, and after the promotional stage

Promotional prices may be increased with or without notice at any time with or without reasons.   

  1.   Migration (Transfer)

Migrate to 911MYWEB: When Ordering any Hosting Service that required migrating your data from other hosting companies to 911MYWEB, you are responsible for performing the migration and resolving any problems that may appear as a result of the migrations. As an Add-on, 911MYWEB Offer Professional Service to migrate your Website WordPress, Email General Hosting Accounts to 911MYWEB; you will be required to pay a Service fee for the professional service if is needed.

Professional Migration Support after Migration

After migrations are completed using a professional service by 911MYWEB, you have 72/Hours to perform evaluations and report any issue that may arrive due to the migrations, and 911MYWEB will fix any problem that is solely related as a result of the Migrations.

Support for Pre-existing issues in the software that has been migrated is no part of the migration Service.

911MYWEB does not Guarantee a Migrations could be a success and may require a different Hosting service before, during, or after the migration is completed.


Migration from 911MYWEB
911MYWEB does his very best to keep th highest level of satisfaction with every client. Still, we understand there are moments clients wish to move their Hosted data to another Webhosting provider not related to 911MYWEB. For any reason you may have, we sincerely wish you the best and provide you all the access to your account so you can perform the transfer of your data 911MYWEB do not provide Migration service from 911MYWEB to another provider. It is ou isle responsibility to have the skill or personal to perform the migration to your new company.
Your Account must be Active and good stand before migrating your service out to receive appropriate support or access that may be required. 


  1. DMCA Take-Down Copyright

At 911MYWEB, We take Intellectual rights very seriously

At any time, 911MYWEB takedown, a Website or data hosted that violates the Copyright Act laws with or without notice to learn more how we handle Copyright complaints Read our DMCA Policy Here.


  1.   Scripts Plugins Software

911MYWEB at Any time may remove scripts, Plugins, and Software that violates 911MYWEB terms of service, agreements, and policies; also will remove scripts that could be considered of the high risk of security at the sole description of 911MYWEB with or without notice or explanation.


  1. License

You are responsible for managing, monitoring, auditing, and acquiring the license of any software used in your hosting account, including the Fonts, Photos, Software, plugins, and any data hosted in your hosting account.  

  1. Access

By Purchasing a Service o using a trial service, you acknowledge and authorize 911MYWEB and his agents to access the Data hosted in your account with the sole purpose of troubleshooting and resolve technical issues, including monitoring security risk that may compromise the service and stability.

You agreed if it is required by Support to provide a temporary password to access and troubleshoot any issue, whether you reported or 911MYWEB require.


  1. Public Content

911MYWEB allow Hosting for the only purpose of Business and personal use that does not violates your Local, State, and Federal Law’s; additionally, 911MYWEB do not allow Hosting public content that Promote

The adult Content site Pornography neither will allow forms that collect information of the user without encryption or SSL installed in your Web hosting account and properly configured to protect the data of any visitor or client that interacts with your Website, Ecommerce, or any Web applications of public access.



  1. Upgrade plan

You may be required at any time with and without notice to upgrade your Hosting account if you recurrently have issues related to over-limit resources or any requirement that 911MYWEB think is need it to stabilize your Hosting account in a level of stability.


  1. Data

You are responsible for backup your data hosted at 911MYWEB

911MYWEB does not guarantee the risk of losing data in your hosting account even if you order a Backup service

Backup service reduces the risk of losing data but does not guarantee 100% your data may be safe or compromised.










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